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Changzhou Jiachen oil products Co., Ltd. is the production of oil for drawing copper wire, aluminum wire drawing oil,steel wire drawing oil, iron wire drawing oil, ethyl oleate soap, stewed oil, copper antirust agent, antioxidant, antirust emulsified oil, oil saponification, gear box, special oil (high temperature) heat conducting oil, the oil majors the factory. With the rapid development of China's wire and cable industry, copper processing industry to high quality,high benefit of production of high quality products and the need for lubricant in the import of equipment of wire drawing machine. Therefore, the technical personnel of our company and the Shanghai Research Institute of East China Sea skills together with the introduction of German technology, research and development with leading domestic level of DG copper metal wiredrawing lubricating detergent and antioxidants and other series products. I plant the production of advanced testing equipment, stable and reliable product quality, all products have passed the quality test center testing, the performance indicators have reached the national standard, the companyscientific management methods, improve customer service service, high reputation, products sold to domesticvarious provinces and cities and sold abroad, well received by the user's trust and praise.
DG series of copper wire drawing lubricant for metal using domestic and foreign advanced technology of wire drawing lubrication aspects, by the dozens of enterprise application proof, it is currently the most novel copper wire drawing lubricant, this product has the following characteristics:
1, it has good emulsification, lubrication, cleaning and stability.
2, can prolong the service life of die.
3, the finished product after annealing, forming anaerobic not stain stain, to ensure product quality.
4, the finished surface clean bright, can delay the occurrence of oxidation discoloration.
5, no pollution to human body and environment.
6, drawing equipment can keep clean, is conducive to the production of civilization. The products of our factory supply timely, adequate supply, quality Three Guarantees, and thoughtful service,welcomed the user units around the country to purchase and to guide the letter.
Our aim is "integrity and pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising, continuously improve product quality, meet the needs of users".
The company is willing to sincerely cooperate with domestic and foreign new old customers, mutual benefit and common development, welcomed the letter contact person.
General situation of enterprise culture mode:
A team of elite shaping corporate culture - to enterprise culture training outstanding employees A good employees sustainable brand management - management fine promote industry development - industry development the pursuit of corporate efficiency - benefit of enterprise cohesion excellent people.
Business guide:
Customer oriented, persistent pursuit of customer satisfaction
Changzhou Jiachen oil products Co. Ltd. has always been to customer satisfaction for the purpose of service,innovation and customer to taste life, to achieve customer satisfaction, and create more value for customers.Customer oriented should become a kind of consciousness, rooted in every employee's mind, one is formed in theenterprise under the customers' atmosphere. Employee oriented, advocating enterprise with the attitude towards customers treat employees, through the value and importance of attention and affirmation of the staff, the staff satisfaction, and to achieve customer satisfaction.
We are always in a warm, young and kind heart walk, our team with a common vision and goals, faith and the pursuit of the common desire for the ideal of life and the good that we love each other, mutual encouragement, mutualdevelopment. "Integrity, truth-seeking, dedication, devotion" is our eternal faith.
1, we follow the natural law of life, never refuse the inferiority, narrow, always full of vitality, full of confidence,because we firmly believe that the open mind and enterprising will enable us youth resident; we resist due toabandon the ideal, to give up enthusiasm and the soul is rigid.
2, we will cause as the pillar of life, we respect the fruits of labor, abandon the inert and hedonism; we always happy to work, dedicated to the proud. Because we firmly believe that labor and enterprising is the only way to obtainhappiness and wealth.
3, we accept new things and create new things, oppose cloning mechanical monotone; we believe that wisdom andyouth, inspiration and character is the source of enterprise innovation. We refuse mediocrity, we create a fashion and trend, and always maintain the unique charm.
4, we pursue the long-term goal, believe in long investment philosophy; we despise against deception commitment and speculative behavior values, never refuse the short-term interests. Because we are convinced that, greed andquick will destroy the foundation of our success, we will lead to failure.
5, we will always adhere to the principle of sharing, refused to self-centered greed doctrine and violates the principle of income distribution equalitarianism, always believe Yifengengyun one harvest labor values.
6, we unite the friendly affection, encouragement together, we advocate personal heroism, but pay more attention tothe team spirit. Because we know: the magnificent sea is derived from millions of tiny droplets of power fusionresulted in.
7, we regard enterprises as the home, dealers and employees as "partners", will grow and harvest partners asresponsibility and pride for us: we treat each other sincerely, the wind and rain; we will establish a perfect andexcellent welfare system and the beautiful ideal homes as honor and goal, because we always adhere to the people-oriented business philosophy.
8, we advocate self-discipline, more attention to management, we believe that the individual's ability to learn from each other only in the scientific management and effective coordination, make the team overall strength, obtainedremarkable.
9, we believe in equality, mutual esteem, obsolete idea against the morganatic and employment, because as we know, only Tongchuang and sharing, can bring the team career growth and prosperity. 10, we are eager to applause and flowers, we need the stage and lighting, the behind the scenes hero but werespect silently. Because we know: no matter in what position, only go to all lengths will gain praise and reward.
11, we drink from the source, gratitude, always respect and love of our customers, and to treat them as friends and siblings, the most perfect service with a thankful heart, because the customer is the pillar and source of the success of our cause.
12, we consider the quality of survival for the foundation, we seek and create high quality life: we create superior hardware environment comfortable, pay more attention to supplement and enhance the spiritual nutrients, we use our own behavior, bit by bit to the social transmission of civilization.
13, we love the environment, advocating natural, we advocate the civilization, treasure resources, we hate to wasteand extravagance, because we know, resources are the common wealth of the mankind, any of the resources and the environment is a crime against humanity trample.

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Century shuttle, change and innovation era. Jiangsu province Changzhou City Jiachen oil products limited company,in the rapid development of the overall situation of keeping pace with the times, from the initial chemicalmanufacturers to today's AAA credit rating enterprise, is Jia Chen oil products limited company in the development in recent years has always unswervingly the professional operation, and continuously improve the results of productsXinli, strategy implementation and cooperation communication, but also carry forward the optimal Jiachen chemicalinternational team cohesion and the crystallization of wisdom.
Based on the international chemical market, Jia Chen chemical not only adhere to the professional operation, and rich market resources and ability to integrate resources, this let Jiachen chemical industry has maintained a sustained and healthy development of enterprises momentum. Through "the successful operation of the copper wire drawing lubricant", expand product awareness, enhance corporate reputation.
Now, Changzhou Jiachen oil products Co. Ltd. began to steadily forward to the field of chemical industry, it is thestrategic deployment of the company to expand the scope of business. The company's newly developed AG series of copper wiredrawing lubricating metal detergent, is currently the most novel copper wire drawing lubricant.
Changzhou Jiachen oil products Co., the company's aim is "integrity and pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising,continuously improve product quality, meet the needs of users".
The company is willing to sincerely cooperate with domestic and foreign new old customers, mutual benefit and common development, welcomed the letter contact person.

Legal representative: Zhu Wenbin

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