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How to choose the copper wire drawing lubricant

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To adapt to the requirements of different kinds of wire drawing, we should according to the different requirements ofwater hardness, drawing speed, wire diameter and finished product line process control, to select different copper wire drawing lubricant.

First of all, to understand its water quality suitable for what kind of use. Request the suppliers to provide samples, lab test. First, observe the appearance, smell the smell, then add water to see its emulsification, the determination of thefat content, 5 emulsion pH with accurate pH test paper cutting value, corrosion tests, emulsion defoaming and stabilitytest of 5 emulsion and with bright, clean copper wire. Because the sample and bulk shipments provided by supplier's products may not be the same, therefore, every time the arrival, must carry out quality checks. Secondly, to know the suppliers to provide lubricant is suitable for what kind of wire drawing machine, drawing wire speed and wire drawingspecifications.

Generally speaking, suitable for drawing small specifications of copper wire drawing lubricant is also suitable for large,copper wire, but the cost is higher, and does not necessarily apply. Especially for fine copper wire drawing, wire diameter is too small because, cleaning of the lubricating liquid has a higher request. Some manufacturers use soap and water to fine copper wire drawing powder. But the soap water hard water resisting ability, produce large amounts of insoluble soap during use, plug the die hole, effect of drawing quality, also have an adverse effect on the mould,and foam and more inconvenience to the operation. Cleaning performance Jilin Chemical Industrial Co grease factoryproduction of fine wire copper wire drawing oil with high, can overcome the shortcomings of fine copper wire drawingsoap water, to achieve the best results for the lubricant and coolant used in the continuous annealing wire drawing,must have the wire surface after annealing without oxidation discoloration, no residues, clean and bright performance.


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