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Drawing oil with what effect?

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Drawing oil has what effect? I analyse for everyone.
1: metal wire drawing oil cooling effect will generate a lot of heat in the friction process, if not timely taken, cause local high temperature surface, which led to changes in the nature of the metal, lubricating oil flow is the heat channel is very important. Low viscosity, fast heat dissipation, high viscosity lubricating oil heat slowly, so the choice of lubricating oil viscosity is too high is not conducive to the timely dissemination of frictional heat.
2 wire drawing oil and rust removing effect: because of the influence of other media in the working environment, and lubricating oil itself in the use of the process of aging and produce corrosive substances, easily lead to corrosion of metal, the lubricating oil should have the ability to inhibit this tendency.
3 wire drawing oil sealing effect: the friction interface there is always a gap in different degree, and the equipment in the work often have a greater pressure, oil required to provide a good seal performance, otherwise it will lead to the loss of power.


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