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JC-7 Ethyl Oleate Soap

JC - 7 three ethyl oleate soap, ethyl alcohol amine acid soap

JC - 7 three ethyl oleate soap, ethyl alcohol amine acid soap

The category :
JC-7 Ethyl Oleate Soap
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Appearance: brown and brown viscous liquid, the active content of 99% or higher
Product features:
Has excellent water solubility and emulsification, anti-rust property, can be used as emulsifier.
Mixer USES
1, metal cleaning agent: oleic acid soap is a kind of non-ionic surface active agent, oil, wax, animal and plant oil, mineral oil, engine oil, lubricating oil and so on has good cleaning ability, and have good rust resistance.
2, metal cutting fluid for cleaning parts, at the same time has good lubrication performance, black metal anti-corrosion performance, and has a good cooling and antirust function.
3, a large number of used as finishing agent and fiber softening agent, used in fabric after cleaning, make products to handle, good luster, used in steel, iron, aluminum, alloy steel, low alloy steel, horologe parts such as gold.
4, For general polishing wax, especially the yellow wax has good solvency, particularly applicable to deserve to be in addition to wax water reactive intermediates.
Packing and storage
200 kg drum, stored in shady and cool place.

packaging Iron drum form liquid
specifications 200 kg/barrel, 50 kg/barrel type Washing, cleaner
production 1500 tons of Dissociation properties nonionic
The trademark Jia Chen "brand use In addition to oil, cleaning
ph 7~9 HLB value 12 (water oil balance)
Acid value 50 ~ 70 (normal 60 ~ 70)    

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