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Copper Rust Inhibitor (antioxidants), Stewed Oil

JC - 8 copper corrosion inhibitor, antioxidants, burn oil stew

JC - 8 copper corrosion inhibitor, antioxidants, burn oil stew

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Copper Rust Inhibitor (antioxidants), Stewed Oil
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Technical performance
1. Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
2. The solution PH value: 5.5-6.5
3. 35 + 2 ℃, anti-rust level ammonium milling; Monolithic qualified for 24 hours, qualified laminated four hours.
4. The immersion corrosion: level of qualified casting mill piece 24 hours, 10 ﹟ qualified steel 72 hours.
5. Validity: the factory more than a year, at the same time, pay attention to fire prevention, flammable.

1. Widely used in metal corrosion inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor.
This product with copper atomic energy form covalent chains and chain coordination, alternating into polymer chains, multilayer protective film on the surface of copper, which makes the surface of the copper oxidation reduction reaction, hydrogen does not occur, rust and corrosion protective role. Of silver, copper, lead, aluminium, iron, nickel, zinc and other metal materials have the same corrosion protective effect.
2. This product with a variety of corrosion inhibitor, can obviously improve the effect of corrosion, such as with chromate acid salt, aggregation, phosphate, tear, silicate, nitrate, ATMP, HEDP, EDTMP and etc. This product can also and many kinds of scale inhibitor, algae fungicidal, particularly in the closed circulation cooling water system corrosion effect well, such as power plants, air conditioning.
3. Used for copper, silver, zinc, etc

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